Don't be satisfied with business as usual.


Leverage the tacit knowledge of the people in your organization by further developing your:

  • Team-wide creativity
  • Employee confidence
  • Accurate process improvement
  • Meaningful collaboration with teammates

Hands-on exercises that build teamwork, creativity, and personal growth are done in rapid succession to mentally test each individual’s strengths and areas for improvement. Through iterative evolutions, participants will learn the tools of human-centered design, communication, and process improvement. A series of interactive exercises and team thinking challenges enhance meaningful collaboration and improve the camaraderie of the team.


Take the opportunity to be wrong and learn from your mistakes in a truly consequence-free atmosphere.


Learn to embrace calculated risk, contribute to the team process, and push boundaries in order to improve on a personal and professional level.


Empower your people and transform your workplace culture by encouraging valuable group input.


4 Hour Option

Choose this option if you would like to jump-start your company into a fresh new mindset.

No two organizations are the same.  Although the core elements, objectives, and quality of my presentation are concrete, the process and method of delivery will vary greatly depending on your organizational structure and personal preferences.

Note:  we can also do any type of customized workshop series to meet your company needs and objectives. 

8 Hour Option

Choose this option if you are attempting to maintain your high-performance team and their drive for collaboration.

Let’s leverage the tacit knowledge, brilliance, and expertise your colleagues bring to the table!   People are our greatest assets when we empower them to solve problems and encourage them to innovate from the bottom up. Your teammates will be inspired to make positive changes and deliver outcomes that demonstrate the spirit of continual improvement.

Note:  we can also do any type of customized workshop series to meet your company needs and objectives. 

2 Day Option

Choose this option if you are attempting to solve key issues and get to the root of any problem.

Tailored exercises act as catalysts to inspire your employees to become positive change-agents.  Here are just a few examples of the topics that can be tailored to your organization:

  • Accurate recruitment
  • Seamless onboarding process
  • Effective mentorship
  • Workplace recognition
  • Developing meaningful internal & external relationships
  • Retaining talent at work
  • Customer loyalty
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Efficient team collaboration
  • Openness and transparency
  • Respect for others
  • Inspired personal growth

Note:  we can also do any type of customized workshop series to meet your company needs and objectives. 


John Hawley is a design thinking facilitator who focuses on team-building and process improvement. He believes the key to company success lies within growing and molding the individual contributor. John breaks through traditional barriers of office politics to enable a team-wide shift to collective and collaborative thinking. He has educated thousands of individuals around the world with his proven successful methods, unleashing their hidden potential.

John graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Building Construction and a minor in Leadership. He accepted a commission as an officer in the United States Navy and is currently serving as a nuclear-trained Surface Warfare Officer. A passionate snowboarder and traveler, John enjoys meeting and connecting with new people and spending time with his family.  He and his wife, Carissa, reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia with their daughter, Madelyn, and German Shepherd, Django.

  • The BEST team building interactive class I’ve been to in my 30+ years of working experience.

    Pauline Pittman

    Toyota Saleswoman
  • Thank you! I had a fantastic time!

    Billy Zane

    Actor/Filmmaker at various film & TV productions
  • Opens your mind and your eyes – everyone must do this at least once.

    Jeff Zulli

    Toyota Used Car Manager
  • Such a great experience! We had a BLAST and learned so much from John. His energy and charisma are unmatched. My team won’t stop raving about him and I can’t recommend his course enough!

    Kelly Christensen

    General Sales Manager - Brent Brown Toyota, Utah
  • I really enjoyed John Hawley’s course. I was amazed at how fast he turned a room full of timid people, into a team in less than a few minutes. The training was fun, exciting, and very welcoming to traditional classroom environments.

    Jesse cook

    Toyota Sales Manager
  • John is a great facilitator. You have a lot of fun in his course and you can actually apply what you learn in your professional life.

    Paul Bunch

    Toyota Salesman
  • I attended one of John Hawley’s training seminars in June 2017. The aspects touched on were both applicable to teaching and learning for staff, as well as students. Activities were fostered to develop group thinking and how to develop better communication skills as a member of a team. Great course!

    CJ Weddle

    Virginia Beach City Public Schools - Athletic Coach/Teacher
  • Critical thinking at a very high level! I absolutely loved the course!

    Antione Whitted

    Toyota Salesman


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