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Leverage the tacit knowledge of the people in your organization by further developing your:

  • Team-wide creativity
  • Employee confidence
  • Accurate process improvement
  • Meaningful collaboration with teammates

Hands-on exercises that build teamwork, creativity, and personal growth are done in rapid succession to mentally test each individual’s strengths and areas for improvement. Through iterative evolutions, participants take part in human-centered design, communication, process improvement, and strategy. A series of interactive exercises and team thinking challenges enhance meaningful collaboration and improve the camaraderie of the team.


Take the opportunity to be wrong and learn from your mistakes in a truly consequence-free atmosphere.


Learn to embrace calculated risk, contribute to the team process, and push boundaries in order to improve on a personal and professional level.


Empower your people and transform your workplace culture and strategy development by encouraging valuable group input.


4 Hour Option

Choose this option if you would like to jump-start your company into a fresh new mindset.

No two organizations are the same.  Although the core elements, objectives, and quality of my presentation are concrete, the process and method of delivery will vary greatly depending on your organizational structure and personal preferences.

Note:  we can also do any type of customized workshop series to meet your company needs and objectives. 

8 Hour Option

Choose this option if you are attempting to maintain your high-performance team and their drive for collaboration.

Let’s leverage the tacit knowledge, brilliance, and expertise your colleagues bring to the table!   People are our greatest assets when we empower them to solve problems and encourage them to innovate from the bottom up. Your teammates will be inspired to make positive changes and deliver outcomes that demonstrate the spirit of continual improvement.

Note:  we can also do any type of customized workshop series to meet your company needs and objectives. 

2 Day Option

Choose this option if you are attempting to solve key issues and get to the root of any problem.

Tailored exercises act as catalysts to inspire your employees to become positive change-agents.  Here are just a few examples of the topics that can be tailored to your organization:

  • Strategy
  • Accurate recruitment
  • Seamless onboarding process
  • Effective mentorship
  • Workplace recognition
  • Developing meaningful internal & external relationships
  • Retaining talent at work
  • Customer loyalty
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Efficient team collaboration
  • Openness and transparency
  • Respect for others
  • Inspired personal growth

Note:  we can also do any type of customized workshop series to meet your company needs and objectives. 


John Hawley is a design thinking facilitator who focuses on team-building, process improvement, and strategy. He believes the key to company success lies within growing and molding the individual contributor. John breaks through traditional barriers of office politics to enable a team-wide shift to collective and collaborative thinking. He has educated thousands of individuals around the world with his proven successful methods, unleashing their hidden potential.

John graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Building Construction and a minor in Leadership. He accepted a commission as an officer in the United States Navy and served as a nuclear-trained Surface Warfare Officer prior to creating the Navy’s premier human centered design course. A passionate snowboarder and traveler, John enjoys meeting and connecting with new people and spending time with his family.  He and his wife, Carissa, reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia with their daughter, Madelyn, and German Shepherd, Django.

  • I cannot commend John more for his skills and natural ability in working with organizations on strategic planning. John started by designing a plan that would best fit our organization and then worked with us every step along the way to implement the plan. It is one thing to have a partner that joins your organization once, guides you skillfully and then leaves you to figure it out. John has been a partner along each step, providing a sound process, skillfully leading us across the “bumps” in person (and remotely) and then helping us put all of the pieces together in our implementation. In the world of higher education, this is no small feat! Thank you John. We are well along the way of implementing a great strategy for the future of Building Construction at Virginia Tech!

    Andrew McCoy

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  • John facilitated a very impactful strategic planning session for the Virginia Tech Building Construction Industry Board. He made the day fun and enjoyable! John has a unique talent for keeping everyone on task and engaged. I couldn’t be more happy with what we were able to accomplish as a result of his leadership and guidance.

    Aimee Fogarty

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  • I really enjoyed John Hawley’s course. I was amazed at how fast he turned a room full of timid people, into a team in less than a few minutes. The training was fun, exciting, and very welcoming to traditional classroom environments.

    Jesse cook

    Toyota Sales Manager
  • John is a gifted orator, luminary, and builder of greatness, but most importantly he is ordinary. It may seem a bit odd to say that someone is ordinary but keep this in context to what it is that drives John. He isn’t cloaked in fancy clothes nor does he pontificate in difficult to follow jargon. No, John effortlessly brings you into a realm full of paradigm shifting activities, actionable ideas, pitches, and takeaways that never wane. You are left hungry for more and excited to share with everyone what new life changing skills you acquired. Thomas Edison is credited with inventing the light bulb but I would add that John will help you reinvigorate your inner light. If you have an opportunity to invest in yourself, your team, and even your company leveraging John’s years of success as a master facilitator will pay dividends for years to come. Consider ROE…return on your employee.

    David Trudell

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  • John is a highly motivational and inspiring facilitator who has the leadership and interpersonal skills to facilitate incredible change in a large organization. Every member of the small groups and overall workshops had glowing praise for his facilitation techniques and for the ultimate outcome of the sessions. The final result of his body of work during that time was a revolutionary organizational change within our command which is modeled more closely with a large business and which relies on data analytics, data science and forward looking business metrics to drastically improve the Navy’s readiness outcomes. I would highly recommend John for any position of leadership, innovation, inspiration or organizational change management at any large, medium or small business. He is a superstar.

    John Hefti

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  • John is an incredibly effective facilitator for workshops and events that are creative, team-oriented, and fun. I attended several successful events he led that were designed to generate new ideas from a diverse group of executives and their staffs, and John’s skills inspired all participants to contribute and work toward team goals. He has an impressive ability to draw people together into groups that achieve results quickly and effectively.

    Nancy Harned

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  • It was fantastic to see John in action. He was an exceptional and essential element of TruCon 2019. John’s infectious and powerful personality won him the respect of myself and the participants. He has a special knack for facilitating that makes everyone feel included and part of the team. My highest recommendation to bring John to your company to help solve your most challenging problem or just align your team for better communication and collaboration. You will be happy you made the decision!

    Joseph Kopser

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  • It was great to work with John. He is engaging and brought together a diverse group of senior leaders in a short period of time allowing us to gain valuable insights about our enterprise. We were able to chart an effective strategy we are now implementing.

    Donald Hoffer

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  • John provided a motivational session for our Scrum Inc offsite in May 2019. In a group of professional facilitators, his techniques were refreshingly unique. It was fun, enjoyable, motivational, and impactful. With a compressed time frame, he was able to effectively bring an already close group even closer – we are lucky to have had him. As the CEO of Scrum Inc, I see great facilitators every single day. John is top-notch!

    JJ Sutherland

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  • John was able to take our cryptic ideas and turn them into an amazing framework for our capstone project. We were able to do great things in a one year project thanks to the foundation he helped us lay. Without his assistance through the design thinking process he created, we would not have been able to get as far in as short a time. He was instrumental to our success.

    Angela Hocutt

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  • John led a program for our annual team offsite (Cisco Investments/Cisco Corporate Development group), and I can’t say enough positive things about the experience. From the outset, working with John was extremely smooth – he worked closely with our team to develop a program that fit within our time and personnel constraints and he offered a format that resonated with our executives. The program itself was a great way to kick off several days of team discussion, problem solving, and team building. John facilitates growth areas related to high performance leadership situations & encourages team interaction – and he’s excellent at what he does. He’s a consummate pro, and his body of experience is clear. Would gladly work with him again, and highly recommend. Thanks, John!

    Noah Yago

  • John facilitated the Defense Entrepreneur Forum’s first Hopper workshop, which was a crucial step in getting the Hopper program off the ground. With minimal direction, John took ownership of the effort, providing superb leadership (all in his personal time), creativity, and immense energy to help craft and execute the workshop. His expertise, personality, and ability to bring diverse groups of people together to generate new insights were the principal reasons for the workshop’s success.

    Eric Heller

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